Copy Editing

What is it?

A 'copy-edit' is a detailed, thorough and extensive edit of your manuscript. Our copy-editing package can do the following:

1) Suggest essential changes to the manuscript. We can help you write the book you dreamed of writing.

2)Eliminate errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.

3) Rewrite and restructure sentences. If some of your sentences are too long, repetitive or messy and confusing, we help rewrite & re-structure them for you.


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Marc Coleman

Author of 'Back From the Brink' and Former Economics Editor, The Irish Times

I recently hired Jeremy Murphy as an editor and literary agent for my new book on current affairs, and I am more than happy with the service he has provided. Jeremy understood immediately what I was trying to achieve, and his incisive and constructive criticisms have really helped me improve the manuscript. In addition to feedback on style, structure and strength of argument, he also provided me with helpful advice on the book trade.