The publishing industry is highly-competitive at present, with some exceptional literary talents struggling to secure a publisher. 

In certain circumstances therefore, we are in a position to provide authors with a bespoke and comprehensive self-publishing service, where the JM Editing- team acts as book managers, doing all the things traditionally done by a publisher, including comprehensive editing, book design, and marketing & promotion.  

Authors are charged a set fee, which means we don't take a commission from book sales. Authors also continue to own the book's copyright, meaning the book is theirs after we produce it for them; they are not bound by any contract.

If you would like to discover more about this service, please contact Jeremy directly.

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Robert Pierse

I particularly want to thank my editor, Jeremy Murphy, who is based in Listowel. He did a fantastic job editing Under the Bed, and provided me with some great ideas to improve the structure and content of the book - his advice to move my travels through communist Russia to the beginning of the book was a great idea. I was also very pleased with the service I received form his company, including cover design and book design, and the book-promotion campaign was also first-rate. The launch in the Listowel Arms couldn't have went better. I was shocked by the amount of books we managed to sell, even if we were competing with President Michael D Higgins. We had a great night in Cork at the Imperial Hotel as well, coincidentally and appropriately the last hotel my granduncle Michael Collins stayed in before his assassination.  

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Robert Pierse John Waters in Conversatio
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