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Our literary agency service is new, innovative and dynamic, with a mission to secure authors the very best publishing deals. In addition to targeted approaches, authors we represent appear in our JM Agency Catalogue, which is mailed to 300 publishers in the UK and Ireland annually. Our rights agency service has an international focus, having secured rights for authors in Brazil, while negotiations with some of India’s largest publishers are currently ongoing.

The JM Agency App, a complement to our catalogue, is currently under development, which will help us blend traditional representation with modern technology. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to consider authors for representation at present.

Tony Winters.jpeg

Tony Winters

Tony Winters is an Irish author who currently lives by the sea with his wife, two children and (imaginary) pet alpaca.

Tony's debut children's novel The Great Eatewari is a swashbuckling, historical adventure tale.n 1931 in the town of Florindale, Charlie Foster thinks three unexpected things are mysteriously linked; the sinking of a passenger ship in the

North Sea, the delivery of a mysterious letter,

and the disappearance of an expedition team.

The Great Eatewari tells the story of

Charlie's adventure to unravel the mystery.


Heloisa Prieto

Heloisa Braz de Oliveira Prieto (born August 26, 1954) is a Brazilian writer, cultural researcher and translator with a master's degree in communication and semiotics, and a PhD in Literary Theory. Her series Mono inspired the film The Best Things in the World, which won Best Film for Children and Young People at the 2011 International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults (FICI), in Madrid, Spain. Her novel Viajantes do Vento (co-written with Adrienne Geohagan, and represented by Jeremy Murphy, will be published by Estrela Cultural in Brazil this autumn.

Adrienne Geoghgan.jpg

Adrienne Geoghagan

Adrienne Geoghegan is best known for her quirky illustrations and children’s picture books.  Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Irish Times, Bloomsbury London and The Economist. Viajantes do Vento (The Wind Riders) illustrated by Adrienne and co-written with Heloisa Prieto, is published this autumn by Estrela Cultural.

Robert Blackthorn Stick.jpg

Robert Pierse

Robert is one of Kerry and Ireland's most celebrated solicitors. He has been involved in several high-profile cases, including the Great Blaskets Supreme Court case of 1999. He is the author of Road Traffic Law 1961-2011. In 2019, Robert, through Jeremy Murphy, published Under the Bed: Stories & Thoughts from a Desert Island, his unique memoir, adventure story and meditation on life.

Timen Baart.jpeg

Timen Baart

Timen is CEO of TrustXP a unique and cutting-edge consultancy firm, helping companies and business leaders increase workplace trust. His book 'Win with Trust', represented by Jeremy Murphy, passionately presents the case for trust; why trust is indispensable for cooperation, fairness and success.

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Marc Coleman

Marc is former economics editor of the Irish Times and author of the bestsellers 'The Best Is Yet to Come' and 'Back from the Brink'. He is currently working on two projects, a comprehensive, cutting-edge analysis of the economics of Covid19 and an engaging tome on the rise of populism.

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Monika Walsh

Monika Walsh is a Polish-Irish model, influencer, writer and domestic violence campaigner. Monika previously represented Ireland in both the Miss Universe and Miss World competitions. Her book Take Me Out of This Hell recounts her own personal journey, from the small town of Sosnowiec, Poland, to international model, and in particular her personal battles with domestic violence.

Monika's book combines memoir, interviews with abuse survivors, and an extended reflection on the plight of women today.

Page 15, David Frank Gordon.jpg

David Frank Gordon

David Frank-Gordon is an English writer who has made Northern Ireland his home. Whilst locked-down and furloughed in 2020,  he had the idea to put his everyday experiences in Co Armagh onto paper and created "MJ & her Smarty-Phants", a series of children's stories about a ten-year-old girl, whose cuddly toy elephants come to life after helping an elderly magician to cross the road. Every time the clock strikes 5am, the mischief begins! 

Page 9, Conor Power.jpg

Conor Power

West-Cork based writer, journalist and broadcaster Conor Power is working on the historical novel Hurling 1810. Hurling 1810 is the first ever novel to shine a light on the little-known era of professional hurling. Conor's novel is a story of tragic love, and also features fictionalised versions of historical characters, including Miles Byrne and a young William Webb Ellis.

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Mike Moran

Mike Moran is an British-Irish photographer and publisher, currently enjoying a cultivated retirement in Udon Thanai, notheast Thailand. Co-written with Jeremy Murphy(, Mike’s first novel The Grove (provisional title), is a fictionalised account of the life of his grandfather, Michael Moriarty, who left war-torn Dingle in mysterious circumstances. The young Mike Moran was fascinated by stories of what happened to his grandfather; how he lost their house on a game of poker, and was driven to commit arson and insurance fraud in desperation. Fleeing Dingle, Michael Moriarty would travel the length and breath of an Ireland mired in civil war, eventually boarding the RMS Doric for Canada.

Joe Ryan Rome.png

Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan is an Irish softwear engineer, journalist and avid polyglot. A Last Look in the Water Mirror tells the story of Dermot O'Connor, a young idealist who joins the independence struggle after he witnesses the death of a friend. An act of betrayal later forces Dermot to leave his home town for good, and abandon a love the would remain a secret for seven decades.

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Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin is an award-winning Canadian freelance writer, journalist and author. He recently paused his journalistic activity to concentrate on three literary projects; an anthology of macabre tales called Girl in the Tree; a memoir titled Travels with Rose (his humorous, philosophical account of his travels with his beloved wife Rose) and his debut novel, The Organic Gardener, a family-saga featuring a Jewish family who fled Nazi Germany for the New World, only for the ghosts of the past to re-appear during the Civil-rights conflicts of the 1960s.