A Time to Write

I am very happy to offer a 20% reduction on all my editing and literary agency services during this crisis. Real pleasure to receive such positive testiomonials recently from two fantatsic writers, Heloisa Prieto and Joseph Buckley.
20% Reduction on All my editing & services during the Covid19 Crisis

I will continue reading, editing and appraising during the Covid-19 crisis #covid19. People may find more opportunities to write, despite this being a difficult time for many.

Therefore, I would like to start something called A TIME TO WRITE campaign, #atimetowrite A TIME TO WRITE will encourage creative and literary activities during the crisis. I want to begin with an OFFER: a 20% REDUCTION on all my EDITING SERVICES.

This includes the very popular Editor’s Report, which is an extensive appraisal of your manuscript, story, or book in progress!

Safety and keeping well is of paramount importance, but if you feel writing helps and I can assist in any way, please let me know. #atimetowrite #staysafe #selfisolate #powerofart #wordsunite #writingastherapy

As always, please feel free to share you thoughts and observations on literature, book, reading, imagination and the this ever exciting if somewhat troubled planet we all share.

Let's begin with an interesting thought:

In the difficult times we find ourselves, I feel reading and the imagination are as happy as ever. This inspiring quote from Rene Descartes is a perfect way to begin proceedings.
A Time to Write

Social isolation, and being deprived of human intimacy and conversation, can take its toll.

While reading is often either lauded or disparaged as an essentially solitary pursuit, it is, as Descartes implied, not exclusively or simply so; the great books offer us the prospect of a conversation with an interesting and insightful mind, or an evening with a great storyteller. #atimetowrite #atimetowrite #covid19 #selfisolation #mentalhealth #staysafe #stahealthy #keeptheheadup #spiritsup

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