Book Launch, Listowel Arms Hotel, 20:00, 24th May, 2019

Under the Bed: Stories & Thoughts from a Desert Island is the fantastic new book from Robert Pierse, which I have been proudly and lovingly editing over the past year, as well as representing to publishers, distributors and others. The launch is open to the public; all are welcome. A night of music, stories and memory. Launched by the indomitable Cyril Kelly & Billy Keane, and in association with Listowel Writers' Week. Find book description below and front cover below.

On a family holiday to Belize, Robert Pierse finds himself trapped by a tropical storm. While the storm rages on, Robert and his family wonder will they ever get home. Cut off from the outside world, Robert tells stories and reflects on life and society. He remembers the people and events that have shaped him. Under the Bed: Stories & Thoughts from a Desert Island is a story of survival; how a family, trapped on the other side of the world, told tales and jokes in order to stay together and not abandon hope. It is also the story of a father passing on a message; a hopeful message about the importance of family, and finding meaning in our fast changing and exciting world.

With Robert and his family trapped in a tropical strom, they tell stories & jokes, share memories, and grapple with the meaning of existence.

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