The Wind Riders to be Published by Estrela Cultural

Really delighted to announce that Viajantes do Vento ('The Wind Riders'), co-written by my clients, the superbly talented team of Heloisa Prieto and Adrienne Geoghegan, will be published by Estrela Cultural in Brazil this autumn.

I worked on this unique and special book both as an agent and an editor. It is therefore very close to my heart!

Heloisa and Adirenne's novel consists of two interconnected romantic narratives, and reading it also taught me so much about the culture, religion and mythology of Brazil; it takes the reader on an odyssey through a range of religious and mythological systems, including Celtic and Afrobrazillian.

I also want to thank Beto Junquerya, publisher with Editora Estrela Cultural, whose passion for Heloisa and Adrienne's work, and whose commitment or providing younger generations with the best imaginative literature, was heartening throughout. I look forward to working with Beto and all the team at Estrela Cultural again in the future.


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