Travel Through Words - #travelthroughwords

We can't travel at present unfortunately, and I for one am desperately missing it.

Here is a notion: Writing and the imagination as a soothing balm for our itch to explore.

That is the idea behind my latest series of creative writing exercises; 'Travel Through Words', #travelthroughwords

Each week for the next twelve weeks, I will post a photo from a different location in the world.

Feel free to post any piece of writing inspired by the photo; it could be a short-story, poem, haiku, piece of travelogue, an extended reflection, or anything that could be broadly categorised as the written word; the freedom is yours, yours to develop and explore.

You can share anything you write in the comments box below, or post in confidence to me; Jeremy at

We are setting no boundaries or obstacles in the way of your imagination, once it is at least tangentially inspired by the photo please feel free to share.

During the course of the twelve weeks, I or a member of the team will try our utmost to provide some complimentary feedback. There will also be a prize for what we deem the best entry at the end of the period, adjudicated by my and the JM Editing & Literary Agency team. The prize will include some of our premium editorial services at a reduced rate, and something special that encapsulates the series' theme; travel through words.

Imagination is transcending and elevating, it can help us cross borders even when we are prevented from travelling. It enables us to understand other peoples and cultures, and even if we fail to understand them, even if they mirror back our own thoughts, dreams and prejudices, just as in the case of the physical travel we all miss, the journey is worth it; we gain an understanding of ourselves even when we fail to understand the other.

Today's photo is Cuba, courtesy of talented photographer David Mark. Please let your imagination free. The world is out there waiting to be discovered.

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