Vicky McCarthy Keane's Through My Eyes to be Published in November

Solicitor, wife and mother Vicky McCarthy Keane was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2017. Partially inspired by a television programme where journalist Billy Keane described discovering a copybook owned by his father, the late John B Keane, Vicky took to writing poetry. Because of her physical condition, she wrote through eye-gaze technology - the inspiration behind her debut collection's title, Through My Eyes.

Through My Eyes will be available to buy on all formats and through all major platforms, as a eBook, international paperback and luxury edition with 'French flaps' from November. All editions will be availible to pre-order soon, so please follow us on social media or email us for updates.

Jeremy did an editorial appraisal of the first draft of Through My Eyes, where he was struck by Ms Keane's use of allegory and symbolism to covey inner emotional states. Through My Eyes is also one of the first books to go through JM Agency's Book Management Programme, where we provide the services traditionally done by publishers, although with more collaboration and flexibility.

Award-winning poet and filmmaker Csilla Toldy writes: 'Vicky McCarthy Keane's poems celebrate love and life with a wistful gratitude only someone in her condition can know and still share with a reader. Vivid descriptions coupled with pleasant melody whisper like the wind over the river Styx. Moving and soothing at the same time, the timelessness of these lines offer a glimpse to the other side, for which we can only be thankful.'

You can read Billy Keane's beautiful piece on Vicky McCarthy Keane HERE.

Through My Eyes is both richly allegorical and viscerally personal. The collection hints at a battle with fate, richly imagined in the form of a journey, but the collection is also dappled with light and hope, with poems like 'Sunset over Fanore' beautifully signalling towards a paradise regained.


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