Wonderful Week at Writers' Week Listowel

Still buzzing from introducing guests at Writers' Week.

Will gather my thoughts soon, and write a more philosophical blog post.

The strange kinship between children's literature and the novels of Kafka has been on

my mind for some time. More soon.

In the meantime, below are some of the wonderful events I was privileged enough

to be part of.

Below are some thoughts and reflections on the whole thing.

Panle for 'Proper Book-' event. Pictured (l-r) Chris Judge, Children's author and illustrator, Grainne Clear, editor at Little Island publishing house, Sarah Webb, children's author and creative writing teacher, Jeremy Murphy, editor and literary agent.
'Proper Book: Writing and Illustrating for Children and Getting Published' panel for Listowel Writers' Week, 2019.

All ready for wonderful interview and event. (l-r) Jeremy Murphy, editor and literary agent, Maire Louge, Writers' Week festival manager, Alexandra Pringle, editor-in-chief of Blommsbury publishing, Niall MacMonagle, writer, editor, journlaists and interviewer extraordinaire, and Louise Dobbin, publicist and seller at Bloomsbury.,
Party for 'Publishing with Alexandra Pringle' at St John's Threate, for Listowel Writers' Week.

For me, children's literature is a new, fascinating and exciting world.

An undiscovered country. I always find children and young adult literature rich in raw imagination. Rich in archetypes and unconscious energy. Much adult literature seems to have went through a conditioning process that kills raw imagination.

I think this is actually key to understanding Kafka's enduring relevance and magnetism.

More of which later! I must read more, and will now thanks to #listowelWW19 and the panel. It was honour to meet them and introduce event. Sarah Webb, Chris Judge, Gráinne Clear & Daiden O'Regan. All credit to children's literature! All credit to the power of the imagination! PS; thanks to Aoife Kissane for photos.

Me proudly introducing our fantastic panel for 'The Rejection Business'. Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin, on the inkwell group and writing.ie, Polly Nolan of the Greenhouse Literary Agency, Alexandra Pringle of Bloomsbury, and Fergal Byrne, award-winning screenwriter and playwright.
Jeremy Murphy, editor and literary agent, introducing 'The Rejection Business: How to Succeed as a Professional Writer' in Listowel Library, for Listowel Writers' Week.

The highlight? Tough, but it has to be introducing Alexandra Pringle, editor-in-chief at Bloomsbury, one of the world's oldest and most distinguished publishing houses, for 19 years! It was also a pleasure to meet Niall MacMonagle, who interviewed Alexandra. Niall is a Renaissance man, consummate gentleman and wonderful asset to LWW.

Was really spoilt by the amount of incredible people and guests I met, and had the pleasure to introduce. Real pleasure to introduce Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin of writing.ie Polly Nolan of The Greenhouse Literary Agency, and last, but certainly not least, Fergal Byrne, who is not only a brilliant playwright and screenwriter, he is incredible company over a few pints. Great festival and great to be involved. Having an international book festival in an Irish market-town in Kerry, with its historical structure so well preserved, is very, very unique. Vibe and atmosphere was wonderful throughout.

Now, what was I saying about Kafka and children's literature?

More to follow!

Jeremy Murphy, editor and literary agent, introducing Alexandra Pringle, editor-in-chief of Bloomsbury publishing and Niall MacMonagle, editor, journalist, anthologist and Renassance man.
'Publishing with Alexandra Pringle' event in St John's Theatre, Listowel for Listowel Writers' Week.

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