Below are some testimonials from fantastic writers and publishers we have been honoured to work with in the past and in most cases continue to work with.

Frank Lettertec 2.jpg

Many of Lettertec’s clients now specifically request that Jeremy work on their books. His passion for books and knowledge of the publishing industry are second to none.

Christina-Reihill 1.jpg

Jeremy is a fresh, bright and much needed encouraging voice in Ireland today ... Jeremy reminds me of how Marianne Gunn O'Connor burst into the publishing world, 30 years ago, redefining our perception of agents and how these invaluable 'parents' guide and support their writers.

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Jeremy was helpful, thorough and professional, but also very passionate about working with me, helping me tell my story. He also advised me on publishing contracts, guiding me on how to protect my rights and argue for the best possible deal

Jillian Food Fair 2.jpg

I asked Jeremy (JM Agency) to analyse a publishing contract I was offered, and he provided me with invaluable feedback and advice; including in relation to indemnity, publishing schedule, waivers from statutory legislation, and, in particular, subsidiary rights, which are so important, as these can be so lucrative for authors.


Jeremy understood the soul and heart of what I was trying to create! His observations on local dialect and narration, and his suggestions to enhance the book’s scenes, were very helpful. 

Page 5 Marc Coleman.jpg

Jeremy understood immediately what I was trying to achieve (with my new book), and his incisive and constructive criticisms have really helped me improve the manuscript.

Jimmy Deenihan 1.jpg

Jimmy Deenihan

I was particularly impressed with how Jeremy generated interest in the event through social media channels like Facebook. He is a natural when it comes to social media marketing and promotion.

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Fr Pat Ahern

Jeremy’s talents cover many editorial skills; presentation, accessibility, accuracy, consistency, as well as an ability to offer constructive and creative solutions.

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When negotiating with a publisher for the sale of my illustrations, Jeremy provided me with invaluable advice on contractual issues, including indemnity and copyright.

Timun Dublin 3.jpg

Working with Jeremy was motivating and constructive. In my consultations with him (both face to face and through video-calls) he provided helpful and frank advice on all aspects of the publishing industry, while always encouraging me … to write the book I always wanted to write.

Page 13,Mike Moran.jpg

Like the great editors of the past, Jeremy is both a sharp critic and an inspiring and motivating mentor. His feedback and appraisal of my book The Grove was firm and thorough, but never disheartening. I always knew he was driving me forward to write better, and complete that dream book.


Victor Sheahan

…. exceeded my expectations … Friends and family will tell you what you want to hear, Jeremy tells you what you need to hear and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Joe Ryan Rome.png

Joe Ryan

 Jeremy understood what I was trying to achieve, and his incisive feedback and suggestions helped me achieve it. My novel is without doubt a better novel thanks to Jeremy's professional and thorough work.

Maire 2.jpg

Máire O'Leary

Working with Jeremy was a fantastic experience. His pointed out to me the weaknesses in the story in an honest but constructive way, which gave me the confidence to make the necessary changes …  Completing Freewheeling to Love was a dream come to true for me, and Jeremy helped me get it across the finish-line.

Jeo Buckley Photo.jpg

Joe Buckley

(I found) the Editor’s Report for The President’s Fake Duty immensely helpful … (covering) all areas, including plot, character development, style and dialogue.